7 Ways Water Gets Inside Your Home From the Roof

The roof of any home is an important feature of the design and build that keeps all types of moisture outside. Failures, even small ones, can lead to leaks that end up causing prolific damage. A roofer can locate and fix leaks quickly.

1- Incorrect Installation of a New Roof

Having a new roof installed incorrectly can cost you much more than having to get the work done again. Holes made by incorrectly placed nails can cause your roof to leak in numerous spots. The resulting water damage can cost thousands to repair if it’s not noticed right away. Be choosy about the roofing service you use and make sure they come to you with high praise and recommendations.

2- Holes From Debris

Tree limbs can be tough on a roof. A weighty limb can break a hole in your roof. Other types of debris like lawn furniture can also puncture through the roof with high enough winds. Any break in the roof will allow rain and other moisture free access to the interior of your home. For more insights, Cherry and Clark Roofing is a good resource to find additional information.

3- Failed or Missing Flashing

Flashing is a strip of metal that runs along the areas where parts of your roof join. Without this strip of metal attached to the roof, you will have a leak problem. Have an experienced roofer replace any flashing that is bent, loose, or missing,

4- Vents or Skylights

Any vents that run through your roof or skylights placed in the roof are weaknesses that have to be monitored to ensure they are and stay sealed. It’s the first areas to check if you begin to experience an unexplained roofing leak. The fix is typically inexpensive and requires a little additional sealant material.

5- Chimney Crowns

The base of the chimney that enters your roof has mortar material called the crown. Cracks and weathering of the mortar can cause it to break apart, fall off or crack deep enough to allow water intrusion. Check these areas periodically to ensure it’s sound and leak-proof.

6- Missing Roofing Materials

Areas with missing roofing materials are open doorways for moisture to come right on in your home. Stop this problem by having the materials replaced. Discuss whether its time to look at roofing replacement if the area of missing or damaged materials is big.

7- Missing or Damaged Chimney Cap

The cap piece that tops your chimney is an important piece that keeps water from rains or snows from going directly down your chimney. It can become dented or come up missing over the years. Have it replaced to make sure your chimney area stays dry and mold-free.

A licensed and certified roofer can determine the source of your roofing leak and have it repaired quickly.

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