7 Points to Ponder for the Perfect Bath and Shower Combination

Start mulling over the variety of bathtub and shower selections there are available before calling the plumber in to perform the remodel. Each one provides a different look and vibe to your bathroom space. Keep reading to learn the important points to consider before making your final choice.

1. Together or Separate Units

Designing and installing a bathtub and shower that are stand-alone units is nice, but not everyone has enough bathroom floor space to make it happen. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want or have the space to have them as separate units or as a one-piece combination. You can still find some great deals and do wonderful design things with combination units.

2. To See or Not to See

Do you want the tub and shower unit visible to one another if they are separate? You can separate them using glass, or tuck the shower away in its own tiled nook. You can have them both together behind glass. Each idea will provide a different look and feel to your bathroom.

3. Tub Style

The cast-iron claw-foot tub is coming back to the design scene and gaining popularity. You can also choose from the Romanesque feel of an in-ground tub. Fiberglass tub and bath combinations will always be a common addition to homes with multiple bathrooms.

4. Tub Shape

Teacup tubs are the latest rage and trend for smaller bathroom spaces. They are compact and round tubs that can fit in areas as small as 2 square meters. You can choose from oval, rectangular, square, or the ever-popular triangular garden tubs. The shape of the tub will help you focus on the rest of the bathroom design.

5. Faucet and Shower Head Design

The shower head in your bathroom comes in as many diverse choices as the tubs. You can go with a massaging head that helps relax tired muscles or go with a wide, overhead design that feels like a soaking Amazon rain. Your plumber can install the right faucets and shower heads to accentuate the beauty of your new bathroom.

6. Natural and Added Lighting

Windows around your shower and tub area aren’t the best option unless you are guaranteed the space is private. Windows can add a lot of extra natural light and save on energy bills. You can also add relaxing lighting fixtures or spice things up with a little neon color, check out a wholesale home d├ęcor for more options for your bathroom.

7. Extra Features

Adding the extras can sometimes make your bathroom a complete oasis of relaxation. Consider adding a sauna, heat lamps, suntan bed, or jacuzzi tub. You’ll never want to leave the bathroom again.

Getting a little creative with your new bath and shower installation can give you a bathroom you’ll enjoy for decades.

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