6 Tips To Put Your Real Estate CRM To Work For You

Many agents know full well the benefits that a good real estate CRM can offer them. However, many of those same agents do not understand how to effectively use all of the available options. Below are some of the top tips to help put your CRM to work for you in order to be successful.

1. Choose The Best Categories

Real estate CRM software is different from other types of CRM. Real estate agents need to categorize it appropriately in order to send out the right marketing materials to the right groups. An example would be creating a category for home buyers that are 60 to 90 days away from closing. Emails sent to these people will be different than those receiving emails waiting to find out if they are pre-approved from lenders.

2. Create Messages Custom-Made To Specific Audiences

As a real estate agent, you work with home buyers, sellers and other real estate contacts. You will need to create custom messages for each of these different audiences. Within these categories, create subcategories for different specific emails as well. The better you are at creating custom messages for specific audiences, the more responsive your recipients will be.

3. Add Everyone To Newsletter List

Successful real estate agents have many common tasks they complete. One of these is sending out a monthly newsletter. Be sure this newsletter goes out to everyone in your database and appeals to a variety of different people. The newsletter should also go out to past clients who may one day need to be reminded that you worked with them before.

4. Remove Unsubscribed Email Recipients

No matter what the reason is, it is best to remove someone from your email list if they have unsubscribed from you. Most real estate CRM software comes with the option to remove email addresses from your database as soon as someone clicks unsubscribe in one of their emails. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at IXACT Contact.

5. Keep Contact Moving Through The Pipeline

If one of your real estate leads buys or sells a home successfully through you, they should be moved on to the next appropriate category in your software. They may not be a prospect for the time being, but they can still turn into a future client again. If a transaction has been completed, move them into a “keep in touch” campaign and allow them to continue receiving your monthly newsletters. This is one of the most vital parts of making your CRM work for you to ensure past clients don’t forget they can use you in the future again. It may also remind people to recommend you to someone they know who is looking for a real estate agent to hire.

6. Remove Contacts With Names Only

If you have leads in your contact list with no contact information or with obvious phony names, it is best to delete them. Trying to work with these people will often be a waste of time and shows they are not truly interested.

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