Composition of Tires Toronto Motorcycle

The importance of tires Toronto motorbike is well managed by the conglomerate of motorcycle tire manufacturers globally. These designs use other types of variables, due to the very different situation of riding a motorbike compared to riding any other vehicle, so the composition of these tires is essential to provide good performance and above all excellent safety conditions.

Composition of Tires Toronto Motorcycle

Contact Surface

This is one of the components of the tires Toronto, it is also known as the tread, this part of the tyre by means of which the contact of the motorbike with the asphalt is made, or with any other surface on which it is transited, in the motorbike tires this surface is composed of several types of rubber, in the central part of the tread the rubber compound is harder, this way it is more effective for the traction, while the compounds of its lateral parts are softer so that when leaning in the curves it maintains an efficient grip.

The casing

This component of the tire consists of a lateral structure that provides an efficient flexibility, which is composed of a set of metallic threads, generally made of steel, which are embedded in the rubber in order to support the loads that the tire must withstand, and also provide stability to the vehicle that carries the tires.


As its name indicates, it is a component of the tires Toronto motorbike with a circumferential shape and built of inextensible steel, it has the thickness of a cable, it is also known as bead ring, and its function is to fix the tire to the rim, and by means of this component the engine torque is transmitted and also the braking of the rim is transmitted to the tire.

Inner lining

It is the innermost layer of tires Toronto, it is made of synthetic rubber and its function is to seal the air so that it does not escape to the outside, it is manufactured in two types, for tubeless tires and for tires with tubes.

Ply and ply

They are manufactured with special ply and rubber of different types of hardness and provide the tire with different characteristics according to the type.